About Us

Coldbrooke Pottery is the creation of potter and avid gardener, Abigail Fasanella.  Inspiration comes from the great potteries of England and Europe where beautiful containers for plants of all kinds have been made for centuries.  Traditional materials, shapes and decorative details complement each potted plant.

At Coldbrooke Pottery, all of our pottery is thrown by hand on the wheel, one piece at a time.  The horticultural requirements of various plants are considered when designing a pot.  Orchid pots, bulb pans or a longtom pot offer a place for each plant to thrive.  Attention to detail is immensely important.  With that in mind, rope handles, sprig designs or a coggled foot is added to elevate the design of each pot.  All pots are made with drainage unless otherwise noted.

Once thrown and dried, each piece is fired to a temperature that will assure that your pot is as durable as it is beautiful.  All Coldbrooke Pottery is appropriate for outdoor use as well as indoor, but should not be left outside once harsh wintery conditions set in.